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Spring is the season for new beginnings!

There is always that special kind of excitement stirring during the coming of Spring!  There are also a lot of changes happening on Haulin' Hoof Farm this year!  Our first ever blog post - right here, right now - a new woodshop, Suffolk draft horse foals in the womb, and plenty of new product ideas that incorporate wood from this Winter's sustainable harvest, as well as new hand-dyed farm yarns and ceramics (oh how I love the buttons!) to add some color and pretty to the mix.

The farm girls have been spending a lot of time with their "boyfriends", working with commands and harnessing them up - it's so fun to watch the connection between these young ladies and their gelded partners.

Hay season will be here before we know it and we'll all be sweating and ready for a dip in the pond!  But in the meantime, we'll be working on collecting an inventory of wood slabs to post in our store and keeping orders filled! It's all about family, fun, and taking care of our big green planet!