Wood with a story...

Every wood product you receive from Haulin' Hoof Farm is made from trees that have a known origin, down to where they once stood, gracing the land.

Haulin' Hoof Farm is located in southeastern Ohio amongst Wayne National Forest. The farm's 90 acres of mixed hardwoods set upon steep, rolling terrain. Utilizing Suffolk Punch draft horses to maneuver the hillsides on the farm, and neighboring woodlands, allows the company to access dead and fallen trees in a slow and steady manner with little disruption to the forest ecosystem - all the while replacing fossil fuels with sweat and manure.

When harvesting trees the "worst first" method is followed, first taking dead trees or those that have been damaged by insects, disease, or lightning. As a result, many of the wood products come with unique character such as spalting and worm scarring.

Once felled and pulled from the forest, logs are taken to the farm's sawmill and turned into lumber. Lumber is then put on stick and loaded into the farm's wood kiln to dry and remove all insect and fungal activity.

Once dried, lumber is moved into the woodshop to be turned into handcrafted wood items of the highest quality.  Once complete, an all-natural penetrating oil and beeswax finish is applied to protect the wood and bring out the beauty of its grain.

We invite you to explore an array of wood products, from weaving tools to home furnishings, in hopes that you find something to cherish from Haulin' Hoof Farm's neck of the woods!