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Cherry Wood Earrings - Triangular
Cherry Wood Earrings - Triangular
Cherry Wood Earrings - Triangular
Cherry Wood Earrings - Triangular

Cherry Wood Earrings - Triangular

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A beautiful set of triangular cherry earrings. These earrings are fairly big and quite beautiful. They have really pretty grain character with neat black streaks running horizontally through the wood.

Each of our earrings is cut, shaped, sanded and finished by hand on our farm in southeastern Ohio.

Come with 925 sterling silver fish hooks

Measure about 2" long x 1 7/8" wide x 1/8" thick

*The wood used to make this product was harvested either on our family farm or a private woodlot within a 50 mile radius. We primarily harvest trees during the winter, when the ground is frozen and there is lesser chance of damage to the forest floor. This, too, is the time all our little critter friends are hidden away in their winters haven.
Trees are selectively cut using the “worst-first” method, and gingerly drug out with the help of a logging cart and our team of Suffolk draft horses. Logs are then taken to the farm’s sawmill, milled into lumber, and put into a solar kiln to dry.
Once the lumber has reached the proper moisture content it is turned into beautiful, functional products for all to enjoy! We intentionally select out lumber with beautiful character in the grain, so each piece has a unique appeal.
**we use only petroleum-free, natural oil finish.