United States Postal Service Update

United States Postal Service Update

On April 3, USPS will introduce new fees for certain sized packages.

Packages that meet any of the following criteria and do not have accurate dimensions provided will have an extra $1.50 added:

  • Exceed one cubic foot
  • Are longer than 22”

Packages that are these sizes will have the following surcharges added:

  • Length fees:
    • Packages longer than 22″: $4.00 surcharge
    • Packages longer than 30″: $15.00 surcharge
  • Cube fee:
    • Packages over 2 cubic feet: $15.00 surcharge

Rate changes that will go into effect January 9

First Class Package Service will increase by $.06–$.07 USD in the 1–4oz weights.

Domestic Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express rates will increase by an average of 3.1%.

First Class International rates will increase by an average of 4.2%.

Priority Mail International rates will see an increase of 3.7%, while Priority Mail Express International is increasing 3.2%.

First Class Mail Flats and Letters will remain unchanged in 2022.

Learn more on the USPS website.