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Cherry Serving Board
Cherry Serving Board
Cherry Serving Board

Cherry Serving Board

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A handy little Cherry board great for cutting up a quick snack of fresh fruit. Cherry wood has beautiful color and very nice grain.

Measures 9" long x 6" wide x 5/8" thick

Each of our cutting/serving boards is made from wood that has been harvested with our team of Suffolk draft horses. We log using the “worst-first” philosophy, taking first the trees that have been struck with disease, lighting, or other form of injury, as well as trees that are growing too close to one another, posing undesirable competition. We work with local land stewards and foresters to maintain healthy woodlands that’ll reward everyone with a long standing, healthy forest.

Each of our boards is made of solid wood, un-pieced and un-glued. We seek out wood that has a lot of beautiful character in the grain and keep as much of the natural edge in tact as possible.

Due to the solid nature of our boards, there is a greater chance of warping if they are left to sit in water. Please take care they are kept from such conditions.

All boards are finished with a 320 grit sandpaper to achieve a soft smooth feel. Several coats of an all-natural oil finish are applied to penetrate the boards and keep them looking beautiful. To find out more about the finish we use visit www.heritagenaturalfinishes.com.

To maintain a lovely look and feel, a light coat of olive or other food grade oil may be applied every so often.