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Wooden Play Swords with Wood Burned Design
Wooden Play Swords with Wood Burned Design
Wooden Play Swords with Wood Burned Design
Wooden Play Swords with Wood Burned Design

Wooden Play Swords with Wood Burned Design

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These wooden play swords are a sweet little instrument for your child to take on whatever comes their way. They'll feel like a big kid for sure with one of these at hand, and be ready to slay the dragon or ward off the pirates.

Hand crafted out of aspen wood from our farm in southeastern Ohio. Aspen is a very soft and light wood, so your little warrior won't get into too much trouble :) Each sword is uniquely wood burned at the handle and finished with an all-natural oil made from linseed, tung, and citrus oils, pine rosin, and beeswax.


small- 16" long
large - 24" long

About our wood products:

The wood used to make this product was harvested either on our family farm or a private woodlot within a 50 mile radius. We primarily harvest trees during the winter, when the ground is frozen and there is lesser chance of damage to the forest floor. This, too, is the time all our little critter friends are hidden away in their winters haven.

Trees are selectively cut using the "worst-first” method, and gingerly drug out with the help of a logging cart and our team of Suffolk draft horses. Logs are then taken to the farm’s sawmill, milled into lumber, and put into a solar kiln to dry.

✿✿✿ Each one of our handcrafted wooden toys and crafts is made from wood that we harvest using forest-friendly practices, mill, dry, and process on our family farm in southeast Ohio. The wood comes from our farm or from the woodlots of individuals we've partnered with to help maintain a healthy forest for wildlife. Because we see the process through from "tree to toy", this means that all are guaranteed to be clean and pure, free of chemical residues and grime. Here's to healthy play and craft! ✿✿✿


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