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Heritage Natural Finishes - Natural Penetrating Oil

Heritage Natural Finishes - Natural Penetrating Oil

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We're happy to offer the finishing oil we've been using for over 15 years, so you too can keep your items looking beautiful! We love this finish and the end product it produces. Handmade in small batches by Heritage Natural Finishes, in Philomath, Oregon, it contains NO petroleum products (yes, even food grade mineral oil is petroleum-based), and smells delightful!

The wonderful thing about this finish is that it absorbs into the woods grain, protecting more than just the surface layer. Furthermore, unlike polyurethane or varnish, it won't peel over time leaving unsightly chipping and cracking. 

Available in 8, 12 and 32 ounce containers.

We recommend purchasing an "upkeep" container for any of your wood products purchased from our shop.

To find out more information about this wonderful finish, please visit:

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